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E-Resources Technical Update

Simon Inger and Tracy Gardner have been running the ERTU (e-resources technology update) course for UKSG since 2002, and since that time several hundred librarians and intermediaries have attended. This course is widely accepted as being essential training for any librarian moving into e-resources in the UK.

Next course: 22nd June 2016, Belfast: visit UKSG web site for information and booking


Understanding E-Journal Technology

In 2005 we developed a publisher-facing variant of ERTU, Understanding E-Journal Technology, now offered in association with ALPSP as part of its training program and also as an in-house course. Many leading publishers run the course perhaps every 18 months to 2 years for those involved in sales, marketing, and customer services especially, but also editorial, and other functions within the organisation.

Next course: 12th October 2016, London: visit ALPSP web site for information and booking

Further Courses and Modules

We also have a range of other modules which can be used independently or in conjunction with our main courses that allow us to put together somewhat customised on-site training for publishers, intermediaries and libraries. These courses will be run on-site, at the customer's premises. Please contact us for pricing.

  • Introduction to Journals covers the whole story of how the current landscape of subscription and open access journals evolved over the past fifty years, how the business models work, alongside pricing, marketing, editorial and production considerations . A great introduction for new-starters in a publisher, technologists from across the industry with little exposure to the business, or libraries wondering what the key motivations are for publishers.

  • E-Books looks at the complex area of the wide range of business models for e-books, why e-books often exist within multiple aggregations and delivery systems, and the problems faced in acquiring and organising access to e-book collections, from either a library or publisher perspective.

  • Authentication, whilst delivered as a component of both ERTU and UEJT (above), can also be delivered separately, especially for librarians looking for a practical session that explains the various authentication systems at their disposal.

All of our courses can be run on-site at the client's premises. These are often cost-effective where there are too many people requiring training to make a public course practicable, and often offer the additional benefit of allowing for more open discussion about particular problems encountered. On-site courses can be organised through ALPSP and UKSG as noted above, or alternatively please contact us directly for pricing.